Surfacing: LULS [New Band]

on Monday, October 22, 2012
Words: Saam Das

As enigmatic London three piece LULS literally take a step out of the shadows (their first promo photo was composed of silhouettes), we see it fitting to give them a blog pat on the back to celebrate their debut single, out this week. Despite the name, they're no joke. Listen to the anthemic double A-side combination of 'Swing Low' and 'Young' below.

LULS have been steadily building fans since their debut shows under the name of Braves, supporting fellow Londoners Spector earlier this year. The two bands share a close connection, LULS guitarist Shaun Paterson having been a member of Les Incompetents with Chris and Fred from Spector - as well as contributing to the album version of the latter band's 'Chevy Thunder'.

The band also features Adam Prendergast, better known for his efforts in The Big Pink, and a drummer who remains a mystery despite my furious Googling. The trio have combined to produce a single which showcases two subtly different anthemic styles - the full blown 'Swing Low' almost reaching the heights of 'Dominoes' by Prendergast's other band, and 'Young' (download for free below) melding a mystical Wild Beasts vibe with post-rock elements.

Whether LULS move in any specific direction, or simply straddle different worlds as they are doing now, remains to be seen. Either way, we're becoming increasingly confident that their next steps will be of particular interest. The band play a free single launch this evening at The Old Blue Last.

'Swing Low/Young' is released today through ParadYse Records. Find more info at

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