Download: Sub Focus feat Labrinth - Tidal Wave vs Earthquake [Mash Up]

on Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Words: Saam Das

I honestly didn't really expect to like 'Tidal Wave', the new single from UK drum and bass producer Sub Focus. But with the help of FG faves Alpines, he's made a smash hit. Tim Wilson has decided to give the track a bit of a twist, melding it with Labrinth's 'Earthquake'. A pretty impressive formula as it turns out, download the (s)mash up below.

Just as Chip Ivory's recent mash up of Adele and Kanye felt effortless, Wilson's offering is similarly natural - taking the bombastic electro of the original and adding Labrinth's soulful yet anthemic vocals. We described 'Tidal Wave' as a "pulsating behemoth", and this is just as enjoyably destructive.

'Tidal Wave' is out this week. Find more info on Tim Wilson at

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