Film Review: Lawrence Of Arabia (1962) [4k Restoration]

on Friday, November 23, 2012
'Lawrence Of Arabia' 4k Restoration (UK Release: 23 Nov '12) // Words: Saam Das

The acclaimed 1962 historical epic 'Lawrence Of Arabia' returns to British cinemas this week, in a beautiful new restoration. The 4k digital restoration painstakingly upgrades David Lean's 1989 director's cut, which runs at well over three hours in length. An epic in every sense.

Based on the life of T.E Lawrence, Lean's film follows the striking Peter O'Toole as Lawrence on his travels across Arabia during World War I. His escapades in the desert explore his internal conflicts - an aversion to violence yet a willingness to fight alongside the Arabs (who include Omar Sharif), despite a supposed allegiance to the British.

The length of 'Lawrence Of Arabia' is troublesome, with an additional overture, intermission, and exit music. As with almost any long running feature, the film lulls at times, but ultimately rewards the viewer's considerable time investment. Nonetheless, a shorter edit may have been welcomed by many.

Watching this cut of 'Lawrence Of Arabia' on the big screen is a true cinematic experience. The new version of the film is more immersive than IMAX, 3D or even 4D - relying on the epic story instead of opting for visual gimmickry. The visuals here however happen to be equally absorbing, and often breathtaking. A film that is so vivid, yet so long.


'Lawrence Of Arabia' is available to watch in selected UK cinemas from today.

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