Surfacing: Les Mistons [New Band]

on Thursday, November 15, 2012
Words: Saam Das

London trio Les Mistons (presumably named after the Francois Truffaut short film) are not entirely new, having made a minor impression on some blogs last year. But they've re-appeared on the radar, and I am suitably impressed. And somewhat confused, as their sound zig-zags between experimental pop, post-punk, and dreamy electro. Download their demos below.

Jamie's recent post over at Music Fans Mic alerted me to the band but my research (aka Googling) also pointed to a much older post by Robin at Breaking More Waves - two of the more prominent pieces of coverage Les Mistons have received. But as news of the band's debut single arrives, we can expect more chat, including from longer term supporters Amazing Radio.

That debut single 'Heat The Flowers' has an experimental pop beginning that certainly wouldn't seem out of place on Animal Collective's 2009 sensation 'Merriweather Post Pavilion' before exploding into glorious dream-pop. 'Fear Of The Dark' mashes in The Strokes with post-punk but with a similarly dreamy outlook as 'Heat The Flowers'.

There's a touch of The Horrors about Les Mistons and 'Keep Flying' is kind of where The Horrors might go if they were to head in a more pop direction. Elsewhere, 'Apollo' stands apart for its heavily electronic leanings but is the weakest of an impressively strong catalogue of demos. Les Mistons are certainly one of the most engrossing, unpredictable London bands around right now.

'Heat The Flowers' is scheduled for a Dec 10th release. Find more info at

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