Surfacing: Shout Timber [New Band]

on Thursday, November 08, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Shout Timber are a London quartet, who formed at my old university. (A bit like recent Surfacing band Islander.) A favourable start. Not that I'd foolishly write about them just because of that, they also happen to be quite splendid, providing joyously melodic indie pop vibes.

The band are heavily influenced by Indian roots, new track 'East India Trading Company' not only a tale of a virgin journey through India but complete with a video shot in India. Not bad for a bunch of bloody students. The track itself has that Paul Simon/'Graceland' feel so memorably popularised in recent times by Vampire Weekend, anarchic afro-pop meets upbeat folk.

Their debut EP from earlier in the year is also well worth investigation, particularly its lead track 'First Love' - heartfelt lyrics, glorious harmonies, and a superb flourish of brass. I'm eagerly awaiting more new stuff from Shout Timber, and pretty confident that it'll be more of the same good stuff. I mean it's academic, right? Yeah. I went there. Enjoy the tracks below, with 'East India Trading Company' available as a free download.

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