Listen: Tubelord - This Is It [Final Song]

on Friday, December 28, 2012
Words: Saam Das

All good things must come to an end. And lo, Tubelord have called it a day. The band leave the world with two albums, an EP, and a final gig on New Year's Eve at The Old Blue Last in London. They've also kindly gone out with a final song, the appropriately named 'This Is It'. Listen below, along with some past Tubelord classics.

I guess it was early 2008 when I first heard the band's debut single 'Feed Me A Box Of Words' that I decided that I really rather liked Tubelord. Their mix of smooth vocals, math rock and syncopated rhythms were, at times, quite stupendous. Especially on their debut album 'Our First American Friends' - which I once called "math-pop-post-hardcore-screamy-dreamy odyssey". Happy to stick by that.

Tubelord also made appearances in our 2008 Festive Fifty and 2009 Festive Fifty - 'Feed Me A Box Of Words' and 'Propeller' (even in hindsight) deservedly making it onto those single of the year lists. While their work failed to strike me with such excitement since, the news of their demise is disappointing.

Having seen them live previously, I can only assume that Tubelord's final show will be suitably triumphant. New beginnings formed a while back, with frontman Joe Prendergast finally settling on his hyperactive lo-fi punk JOEY FOURR solo guise. Listen to one of his new tracks below, along with a smattering of Tubelord tracks to savour.

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