Surfacing: Nautic [New Band]

on Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Words: Saam Das

The musical evolution of Laura Groves takes another twist. We first mentioned the folk songstress back in July 2007 on one of my mythical Keep Hope Inside podcasts, and again when she re-emerged as the magical Blue Roses. After an extended break, she returns to the musical world with London producer Bullion and Tic from The Young Turks label - forming the hypnotic Nautic.

The trio release their debut single 'Fixx'/'Fresh Eyes' on DEEK Recordings physically in March, the follow up to the debut DEEK release from Bullion. 'Fixx' mixes sublime orchestral instrumentation with experimental leanings, and Laura's ethereal vocals. 'Fresh Eyes' melds a tropical sound with a soulful vocal melody, an arresting combination.

Listen to the tracks below and indeed, download them now at Bandcamp. The 'Short Attention Spam Volume 1' compilation also contains an unreleased (to my knowledge) Blue Roses demo, 'Dream Story', which precedes further material from Laura in the new year.

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