Playlist: Simon's Top Melodies Of 2012

on Thursday, December 20, 2012
Words: Simon Opie

So we reach the end of another year and this is my ten-song playlist to close what has been a memorable year for music. Every song is here for a reason, as you will see, so enjoy 50 minutes of simple pleasures from the likes of Trailer Trash Tracys, Craig Finn, Blowgoat and Mogwai.


Trailer Trash Tracys – 'You Wish You Were Red'

From the first album I reviewed for FADED GLAMOUR in 2012 and it still sounds good as new. Read our review of 'Ester' here.

Craig Finn - 'Apollo Bay'

The Hold Steady frontman’s album, 'Clear Hearts Open Minds' was a massive disappointment as we said in reviewing it, but this track – the album opener - shows how good it could have been. It’s a creepy tale told in fine style.

Foo Fighters – 'Stacked Actors'

I rediscovered this track searching for covers for my own band. We wisely didn’t take it on, but it reminded me why I once liked the Foos. It’s my Buried Treasure of 2012.

Gojira – 'The Axe'

Part of a stunning album from the simply brilliant French metal band. This is truly awesome. How do they do it? Could it be performance enhancing drugs?

Milk And Biscuits – 'White Noise'

Recent single from Brighton supergroup, who've received airplay from the likes of BBC 6Music's Marc Riley no less. Takes the tried and tested route – first half gentle then just rocks out. Impressively trippy.

Blowgoat – 'Yo Bitch...I’m Tom Waits'

Previously featured song from my favourite Welsh band. Simply one of a kind and so deserves repeating. My tune of the year, probably. Read our Blowgoat EP review here, which features that terrific Bill Murray artwork.

Pulled Apart By Horses – 'Epic Myth'

From the excellent 'Tough Love' album. Epic tune that sets out to tazer you into submission.

Church Of Misery – 'Ripping Into Pieces'

Only got to one festival – Camden’s excellent DesertFest and this Japanese band were my top takeaway (with due respect to the mighty Orange Goblin). This comes from their extensive back catalogue of serial killer songs, off the wonderful 'Master Of Brutality' album. My live highlight of the year.

Mogwai – 'San Pedro' (The Soft Moon Remix)

From the 2012 Mogwai remix album 'A Wrenched Virile Lore'. It’s my top remix tune of 2012 because yes, it’s even better than the original.

Ministry – 'Ghouldiggers'

Finally, racing back from a brief retirement, the genius (and my contemporary) that is Al Jourgensen resurrected Ministry for another singular take on life and politics. Great and funny song about being worth more dead than alive. Salutory stuff.

Listen to the playlist in the embed above or at YouTube.

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