Listen: Faded Gold - Homelands [New Track]

on Thursday, January 03, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Sometimes we feel a bit underappreciated. Who doesn't really? But we like to do something about it. We support other people we feel are underrated and deserve better. Almost with the naive hope that such sentiments may one day be reflected upon us. Stefanie Chew's beautiful instrumental electronica outfit Faded Gold is a project that deserves more recognition. Check out new track 'Homelands' for evidence.

We first showcased Stefanie's "quietly majestic electronica" in November 2011 and the last we heard that there plans for her to release some tracks on Liverpool's Witchfinder Records. Not sure what happened there but hopefully 2013 will see a proper Faded Gold release.

Like Dr Sam Beckett, we quite reliving the past, and 'Sunbeams' (listen below) particularly won our heart in 2011. Sadly, few other people felt the same. 'Homelands' is similarly affecting, in a M83 by way of Boards Of Canada fashion, and will hopefully make more of an impact.

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