Surfacing: Waterbaby [New Band]

on Wednesday, January 02, 2013
Words: Saam Das

There have been some exciting sister-based groups of late, namely Haim and The Staves. Perhaps London sibling duo Waterbaby will find themselves matching their contemporaries by the end of 2013. Their gloriously dark intrepid sounds suggests something interesting is certainly afoot.

Hat tip to Disco Naivete for unearthing Martha Kilpatrick and sister Jessica Kilpatrick, and speaking of buzz bloggers, I'm pretty sure at least one of Waterbaby has dated another buzz blogger. But this isn't Heat so no names.

Surprisingly, they've had scant coverage aside from Jarri's recent post, who compared them to "early Grimes, Austra, and Zola Jesus." I'm definitely seeing the Zola Jesus comparison, along with a semblance of Lana Del Rey (without all the faux affectations). Perhaps most appropriately, Waterbaby showcase a Kate Bush influence, evoking many of the same wide-eyed emotions experienced from listening to that seminal artist.

Since Jarri posted about Waterbaby, they've released a new track, 'Rolling Stone' - their most experimental yet. I'm more enamoured with their earlier demos, the engrossing epic 'Shadows' and the hauntingly ethereal 'My Heart Is A River' are particular highlights.

Find more info and tracks at Bandcamp.

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