Watch: 2012 Cinescape [The Year In Film]

on Tuesday, January 01, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Happy new year! As we begin 2013, we look back on 2012. We'll be going through our favourite films, albums, and tracks of the year shortly but first, here's a fine retrospective piece on the cinema of 2012. Edited by Matt Shapiro, the engrossing short takes on everything from passionate embraces to spectacular explosions from a selection of films from 2012.

Shapiro has previous form in creating this end of year mini-masterpieces, having done so over the last few years. Here, he takes on some of my finest films of 2012, including 'Safety Not Guaranteed', 'Rust And Bone' and 'Frankenweenie'. But also some of my biggest disappointments, namely 'The Kid With A Bike', 'Holy Motors' and 'The Woman In Black'.

There narrative is unsurprisingly a little haphazard but the beauty of the editing overshadows that aspect. Especially as the Cinescape metamorphoses into an incredible action sizzle reel. As the short ends with M83's soaring 'Outro', I found myself with a genuine lump in throat by the time that final bass piano note hits. The power of montage and cinema brought together. Matt Shapiro, "I fucking cherish you".

Click here for a list of the films featured, in order of appearance. Find more of Matthew's work on YouTube.

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