Download: Black Black Hills - Far From My Arms [New Track]

on Monday, February 04, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Brighton band Black Black Hills seemed to have a quiet 2012 but they're starting 2013 on top form with new download 'Far From My Arms'. As well as also giving excellent debut single 'The Celebration' away for free. Multi-point bonus.

New track 'Far From My Arms' is beautifully sullen, evocative of The National. A quite special return. It's not quite ousted 'The Celebration' as my favourite Black Black Hills track, although the two songs exhibit very different styles - the new track more of a slow, stirring offering wheareas the previous single was more of a dashing anthem.

Download 'The Celebration' on Soundcloud for a limited time, and download 'Far From My Arms' in the widget below. Catch Black Black Hills live in London on 6th Feb.

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