Download: The Virgins - Flashbacks, Memories And Dreams

on Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Words: Rajan Lakhani

When The Virgins first surfaced, many compared them to The Strokes. Like them, they hailed from New York and had the image, the attitude but most importantly, some brilliant, addictive pop songs, notably 'Rich Girls'. However, they did not achieve the same level of success, becoming restricted to almost ‘cult status’ and referenced on hipster programmes like 'Gossip Girl'.

Over four years have passed since the release of their album and now signed to Julian Casablancas’s label, could The Virgins finally reach the big leagues? The signs are promising, with comeback single 'Flashbacks, Memories And Dreams' a delicious slice of funk-punk pop, which contains a bassline that Duran Duran’s John Taylor would be proud to call his own. Hopefully forthcoming album 'Strike Gently', released in March, will have many more similarly infectious songs.

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