Simon Says: What’s That Coming Over The Hill?

on Monday, February 11, 2013
Words: Simon Opie

Contrary to what you may think this column likes to look forwards just as much as look backwards – perhaps even more. So it’s a real pleasure to feature four new singles from emerging artists that I like to think will reward your attention. Check out Turrentine Jones, The Deep Red Sky, Umez and The Dirty Nil below.

First up are Manchester three-piece Turrentine Jones, who are perhaps the most well known of the quartet and already tipped by NME, 6 Music – you know, the usual suspects. But they’re good and they have a fuzzy, Hammond organ fuelled groove that just reeks of basement clubs and intoxicated evenings with close friends. Their new single is Della May, and it’s really terrific swamp soul, if such a genre exists.

Then there’s The Deep Red Sky from Scotland, and the Biffy Clyro influence is palpable and, just now, timely. Their single, 'Zombies (Things Don’t Stay The Same)' has a nice melodic drive and threatens to break out without ever quite managing to. Only a matter of time, I feel sure.

Taking it into bandit territory, Umez are a ‘Japanese noise pop outfit’ and that descriptor fits them perfectly. If you are at all familiar with the genre then you’ll know exactly what to expect. The lovely vocals of Sachiko and some random synth twiddling in the middle of 'Catch Me Up' make this song a bit special however. The B-side 'Kazega Fuitara Sayounnara' is rather good too.

Last – and by no means least since it’s my personal favourite of a great quartet of singles – come The Dirty Nil from Ontario with another single having Zombie in the title. 'Zombie Eyed' is one half of a split 7 inch with Northern Primitive, the early dawning of a ‘Justice League of Rock and Roll’. This sounds like a 21st century Neil Young and Crazy Horse with just the right amount of swagger and fuzzed out menace. I’m a sucker for vocals on the edge of breakup.

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