Simon Says: Do The Resurrection Shuffle

on Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Words: Simon Opie

Easter is almost here and our Resurrection Shuffle is the perfect soundtrack for any egg-hunting activities. So drop these tunes and start chasing after that giant furry bunny. I like to think of this as a Playlist of the Second Chance, so enjoy songs from the likes of Anathema, Cult Of Luna and The Jim Jones Revue.

The Jim Jones Revue – 'Where Da Money Go?'

First up is this gem from The Jim Jones Revue off the 'Savage Heart' album. I’m too often guilty of overrating albums (and music in general) but this is one I seriously undercooked and so it deserves this second look. It’s a great album and this song is a reminder that there’s a serious question to be answered about the times we’re living in – just where did all the money go? This track is rumoured to be Cyprus' entry for the next Eurovision.

The Virginmarys – 'Portrait Of Red'

Well, yes their name fits the theme but more than that this band were one of my artist tips for this year that didn’t make any of the final lists. The excellent, recently released 'King Of Conflict' album puts them right at the front of the pack of those singularly resurrecting guitar based rock music. I also like the fact that some of their songs have already stood the test of time. Nice tune.

Two Glass Eyes – 'Would You Notice'

Two Glass Eyes are a Northern Irish band that I’ve had my seeing eyes on for a while. Their EP 'Nests' is a triumph, earning them the FG Sunday Best Tweet a few weeks back and here they are again. This is a gorgeous song from a band definitely on the way up.

Marmozets – 'Good Days' (Radio Edit)

This song is from late last year, but their recent London appearance in support of Feed The Rhino back in February was nothing short of incendiary. These youngsters are also strongly tipped for great things and they make complex songs that sound so obvious, which is quite a trick. Their frontwoman, Becca MacIntyre (they’re all either MacIntyres or Bottomleys) is their ace in the hole.

Cult Of Luna – 'In Awe Of'

To somewhat contradict my earlier point, I certainly do not regret giving the album 'Vertikal' a resounding 10/10 a short while back. Cult Of Luna are a simply magnificent band and this is a really brilliant song from an outstanding album. No more needs to be said - and even the film 'Metropolis' gets a second chance in this video.

Anathema – Lightning Song

And to close the list, something quite different but equally brilliant that I hope will atone for a serious sin of omission of mine. I just don’t know how I missed 'Weather Systems', Anathema’s terrific album from 2012. It should have been very near the top of my ‘Best of 2012’ list and it didn’t figure because I just never heard of it. Come to that I don’t know why Anathema - a group of people who have made an astonishing musical journey – are not one of the most highly regarded bands in the UK. As the late, lamented Frank Zappa once nearly said – you can take your Coldplay and your One Direction and ram ‘em up your snout. If you’ve not heard this album – you absolutely must.

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