Surfacing: Inkliing [New Act]

on Friday, March 01, 2013
Words: Raman K

This one has been bubbling since his first EP back in late 2007 but remains largely unheard of, even in the blogging world. Inkliing, a young visionary from the recesses of London’s W12, has just released his free-to-download 'Generals' long player. His debut album is a palette of crispy trip-hop and jazzed-up soundscapes to ease the mind while winter overstays its welcome.

Recognised as precious emerging talent by Nightmares On Wax and previously signed on to Wax On Records, Inkliing has broken away to treat us with a new diamond set of jazz and funk textures reminiscent of Flying Lotus, Madlib and Bonobo. The right people are whispering about him, having recently notched playbacks on shows by industry oracles Mary Anne Hobbs and Rob Da Bank.

After this year’s Brit Awards exposed the ailing frontline of UK producers, Inkliing’s packed 16-track release showcases the kind of grassroots mysterious creativity that inspires something deeper. Crafting beats around a Roland SP-404 sampler, Inkliing has a great ear for bringing in chalked up vintage soul and hip hop to the party, best illustrated in 'Sold Ma Soul' and 'Deeper'.

There is careful experimentation with the Burial-esque 'Fallen Angels' and 'Confused', and cinematic night-filled beats moulded into 'Panic', 'Auroville' and the lead album track, 'Generals'. At the heart of the album is something slicker, broodier, and more knowing than anything before in the genre. Inkliing takes you beyond mere head nodding and lounging to put you at the centre of his zone. Undoubtedly, one to keep an eye out for in 2013.

Stream 'Generals' in full at Soundcloud and download from Dusted Wax. Find more info at

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