Surfacing: Junior Prom [New Band]

on Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Is pop a dirty word? I'm not so sure these days. I doubt Mark Solomich and Erik Ratensperger care. The Brooklyn duo form Junior Prom, purveyors of sparkling synth-pop, with an emphasis on the pop. Check out their debut EP below, with particular reference to the glorious 'Sheila Put The Knife Down'.

Junior Prom are pretty enamoured with their synth-pop stylings, to the extent that they have a song on their self-titled EP that's entitled 'Shoot The Guitar Player'. It is, of course, tongue-in-cheek, and guitars are from absent on the EP. But synth is their strength.

Opener 'Sheila Put The Knife Down' is the stand-out track by Junior Prom - an anthemic number that recalls the danciest elements of Friendly Fires and Foster The People. With the amazing chorus: "We're all fucked up some or other way. Some of us collect, but most of us pay."

The other EP tracks demonstrate the band's knack for a chorus while exploring different influences, with disco creeping into 'Run Around The Back', and 'Big Timer' seemingly going for something of a country vibe as it opens. The bustling 'International' is arguably the other big hitter on the EP but you'll probably find your own favourite. Also, I imagine Junior Prom are at least ten times as fun live as an actual junior prom.

Download the EP for free at

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