Surfacing: Kyiki [New Act]

on Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Ellie Fletcher is a busy lady, juggling vocal appearances with Crystal Fighters, Is Tropical, De$ignated, Tubetops, and Drugzndreamz, as well as launching her own solo career as Kyiki. It's pretty exhausting just to keep track. Her vocal pedigree is supported by a dark, arresting electronica sound, which you can witness in person at her debut gig in London tonight.

Ellie only has a few snippets and demos up as Kyiki but her array of vocal work (most notably with Crystal Fighters, who she toured with even during her uni music production course) hints at a significant talent. Of the Kyiki demos, 'Here For' is the most complete on offer, with elements of Alpines and Burial coming through.

Hopefully the emergence of Ellie's solo work won't mean that she'll be leaving Crystal Fighters, a band that seems to consistently produce tracks that manage to be both somewhat off-kilter and joyful - as with their excellent latest effort, 'You & I', which features Ellie on vocals. Similarly, I'd welcome more guest vocal appearances if they can match the quality of her serene and sensuous collaboration with Brooklyn's Tubetops.

Listen to those tracks below, along with a Kyiki demo of 'Here For'. Catch Kyiki live at the Babble Jar tonight, along with Paper Crows, and hosted by STRANGERS. We're excited to see what Kyiki has up her sleeve, both in her solo efforts and in future collabs.

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