Telly Text #5: The Mindy Project + Rihanna's Farmer

on Monday, April 29, 2013
Words: Jordan Andrew

'The Mindy Project'

When I first saw the trailer for 'The Mindy Project', I truly thought E4 were just trying to fill a half an hour slot. That was my big mistake as from the first episode I was giggling away 'The Mindy Project' created by Mindy Kaling, who is also the lead character playing Mindy Lahiri (being very creative with her own character name) a obstetrician/gynaecologist, with a party life that would put most of us to shame. She is living her single life and going through men quicker than Taylor Swift.

Working in a shared practice, Mindy does not always get along with her fellow doctors and regularly clashes with Danny Castellano (Chris Messina). Danny is the guy that always seems to do well in anything he does no matter what, whether it is stealing Mindy’s patients or breaking hearts. Danny and Mindy butt heads over Mindy’s personal life as well as her professional life. However, underneath all the drama Danny has a soft spot for Mindy, it is a bit like being in primary school when you would hit someone just because you liked them.....okay, just me then!

One of my favourite characters on the show is Morgan Tookers, played by Ike Barinholtz. Morgan is reformed ex-con who is now working as a male nurse in the practice, at first he can come across quite creepy but after five seconds that goes away and you are just laughing at him. He is always raising the spirits of everyone in the practice even if it means him getting himself stuck in sticky situations.

'The Mindy Project' the television version of 'The Bridget Jones Diary' but with a lot more culture. The whole girl looking for love while trying to balance her own life is very Bridget Jones but appeals more to a younger audience.
You rarely get to see an Asian as the lead character in television so it is really refreshing, when it does happen. With the second series already commissioned in the USA, I hope that this is a sign of things to come with more ethnic characters being given leading roles in television - this is the first US series with a lead of South Asian American origin.

Catch 'The Mindy Project' every Tuesday at 9.30pm on E4 or catch up on 4oD.

'Rihanna’s Farmer'

In September 2011, as Rihanna was filming 'We Found Love', a Bangor farmer named Alan Graham created a media storm after kicking Rihanna off his field for getting topless. Once Alan Graham saw the whole video 'We Found Love', he was disgusted to see the amount of nudity, sex and violence and not just in Rihanna’s video but whole music industry. Alan now wants the music industry torn down on the ‘explicit’ side and send a clean image to the younger generation.

Now with any documentary you see a whole range of experts that have an understanding on the topic and this documentary does not fail. Sinitta, Louis Walsh and Mica Paris and just some of the big ‘celebrities’ they have drafted in to express their views on the music industry. I am not one to judge but when did singing two songs and being Simon Cowell’s on-and-off sleeping partner give you the right to judge today’s music....and no I am not talking about Louis Walsh!

Even though this documentary claims to focus on the music industry, it really just seemed to focus on the R’n’B and Hip Hop genre of music. If you are going to claim to clean up the music industry, then I feel you should show the whole music industry and not just a select few genres, which was a real downside to this documentary.

Personally, I believe Alan Graham had a bit too much time on his hands and was trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame. He needs to realise that not all music is sex, drugs and violence! There are actually artists that sing about positive messages in the world, and are very successful. Furthermore, it is up to parents what videos their children should and should not be watching, and that can be done by setting parental locks. As much as I have criticised 'Rihanna’s Farmer', it is still a good watch to hear the views on today’s music industry.

Catch 'Rihanna’s Farmer' on BBC iPlayer for a limited time.

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