Download: Everywhere - Eddie [New Demo]

on Thursday, June 13, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Swedes know good pop. I don't even feel the need to qualify that statement. You'll just have to listen to the supremely anthemic 'Eddie' by Swedish quintet Everywhere to realise that their pop tradition is continuing strongly.

Led by frontman Max BergÄ (and his quite ridiculous hair), Everywhere made their initial waves in the UK earlier in the year, most notably at the NME Tour afterparty in London. Since then, they've deleted any existing music from the internet, presenting a new vision in the form of 'Eddie'.

Produced by The Killers collaborator Mark Needham, 'Eddie' is a checklist for stadium pop stardom, with its singalong chorus, sweeping strings, and dazzling piano melodies. After this impressive "debut", Everywhere have a lot to live upto.

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