Surfacing: Young War [New Artist]

on Wednesday, June 05, 2013
Words: Saam Das

"I can't divulge my real name", says solo artist Young War onstage at Bushstock Festival. He's playing the anonymity angle. But knowingly so. "We're all here to make money, yeah?" I guess. If anyone tells you my name's Thom or anything like that, they're lying." At this point, despite my prejudice against mystery acts, I'm won over by Thom Stone aka Young War. His compelling RnB-tinged acoustica helped the cause.

There are only a couple of Young War tracks currently online, a demo of 'Say That It's Love' and free download 'Rose Gold'. The former track offers forth Stone's soulful vocal alongside Timbaland-inspired beats, whereas the latter opts for more of a smooth grooves feel, complete with sleazy guitar licks. Having heard several other Young War tracks, albeit in a more acoustic live format, we can certainly support Stone's quest for success.

Find more info and download 'Rose Gold' at

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