Surfacing: Lovestarrs [New Band]

on Friday, February 14, 2014
Words: Saam Das

"Do you ever feel like cupid is a bitch?" ask electro-pop trio Lovestarrs, introducing their Valentine's Day free download, 'Stupid Cupid'. Not really, to be honest, but never let the truth get in the way of a half-decent blog post intro. Have a listen to that track along with their debut effort, 'Get Your Sexy On' below. Get your listen on. Or something.

You might well recognise Lovestarrs - the new guise of The Good Natured, who have gone through a rather acrimonious split from their record label, that has seen their debut album shelved. While I was a big fan of their earlier darker approach, the trio seem to have fully embraced a spritely synthy vibe on their new tracks. Debut single 'Get Your Sexy On', in particular, sounds absolutely huge - singalong chorus and melodic hooks, in tow.

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