Year In Review: Tips For 2013 Revisited

on Monday, February 03, 2014
Words: Saam Das

It's easy to get caught up in the buzzy hysteria of "ones to watch" lists, and we're unashamedly guilty of that. Although we do try to keep it to a manageable number. It seems a good time to look back on our ten tips for 2013, some of whom have blissfully prospered, while others have somewhat stalled.


ALPINES promised much for 2013, starting with the excellent 'Lights' single, but their much anticipated (at least by me) debut album failed to emerge. Parting from Polydor has significantly slowed proceedings, although new single 'Oasis' suggests the ball is rolling once more - albeit in a different musical direction.


Winners of the Blog Sound Of 2013, they delivered on the hype with their well-received debut album 'Body Music', which peaked at #11 on the UK albums chart. Their collaboration with Mercury prize victors Disclosure, 'White Noise', also reached #2 on the singles chart.


The debut album from CHVRCHES, 'The Bones Of What You Believe', received critical acclaim upon its September release, and also snuck into the top ten of the UK albums chart. Perhaps CHVRCHES' most prominent success however was the unexpected appearance of 'The Mother We Share' in the BBC coverage of the London NYE fireworks.


I think it's fair to say that HAIM were one of the bigger musical success stories of 2013, even though cynics will point to their BBC Sound Of 2013 win as a self-fulfilling prophecy. 'Days Are Gone' hit the top spot in the UK albums chart, and even performed (in a slightly cringeworthy manner) in front of our PM, David Cameron, on 'The Andrew Marr Show'.


I'd say that PEACE (both the band and the wider concept) had a middling year. Their album 'In Love' achieved a respectable chart position of #16 in the UK, without ever really penetrating into the mainstream. They earned some of their swagger but hopefully they will push on in 2014, either artistically or commercially.

Rainy Milo

Even at the time, we weren't sure whether to lend our weight behind Rainy Milo. Not because of any questions over her talent but more because it may have been a bit too early. And so it proved, although Milo's releases (including the Chet Faker-produced 'Deal Me Briefly') over 2013 did impress. Expect to hear much more this year, with a debut album due out in March, through Virgin EMI.

Swiss Lips

A band that should have taken 2013 by storm but didn't quite manage it. Seemingly constrained by their major label superiors, Swiss Lips didn't deliver the stunning debut album that I'd hoped for. Or, indeed, any album at all. They did manage to offer up one of their finest tracks 'U Got The Power' as a single though, and have been generous of late, giving away new track 'Fight 4 What U Need'.


Yoann Lemoine's music has most likely reached the largest audience of all these tips, thanks to appearances on several high profile adverts. Add to that a series of spectacular orchestrally-led performances, you'd have to say 2013 goes down as a win for Woodkid, despite relatively average album sales.


I feel pop stardom brewing in the belly of Hannah Yadi but she is still yet to emerge on a larger stage. A prolific collaborator, YADi appeared on songs by J£SUS MILLION and Raffertie among others, and we hope she'll make a deserved splash of her own in 2014.

The 1975

Arguably the biggest success of any of the bands on this list, and equally, one of the most divisive thanks to their obviously commercial-leaning sound. We didn't have a massive problem with that, and neither did the people who sent their self-titled album to #1 in the UK and #28 in the US.

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