Surfacing: Twin Graves [New Band]

on Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Words: Saam Das

I'd heard a little bit about Twin Graves last year but with relative anonymity being the name of their game, I wasn't overly interested. They've unleashed a few more details since then, along with an excellent track - 'Brothers', with its deliciously sweeping eighties sound that juxtaposes synth-pop with post-punk.

'Brothers' will be one of four tracks on the debut EP 'Walk In Circles', which will be available on vinyl/free download in mid-February. The UK duo comprise the elaborately named Jeremy Aris Polychronopoulos and Zarah Lawless, who command guitars and synth respectively, as well as dueling on vocals.

Once you've stopped doing your Ian Curtis dancing to 'Brothers', you might also fancy checking out what was previously purported to be the duo's debut single (but I'm not quite convinced that ever actually happened) - watch the video to 'Dark Moves' below, along with your free download of 'Brothers'.

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