Surfacing: JOSEPH [New Act]

on Monday, March 03, 2014
Words: Jack Thomson

A song’s dynamic is without doubt one of its most important features. There is real skill in being able to craft a song that builds every step of the way. London-based JOSEPH has managed to achieve just such a feat with debut track ‘Swim Darker’, and it really is something special.

Opening with a distant kick drum, the listener is introduced to soothing vocals and reverb-soaked guitars. There is a delicate side to it that over the course of 4 minutes grows into a huge sound full of power and emotion. However, it is JOSEPH’s voice that truly stands out and makes this one of the most exciting things I’ve heard this year. If 'Swim Darker' is a sign of things to come, he’ll definitely be one to watch for 2014.

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