Listen: Fight Like Apes - Crouching Bees [EP Preview]

on Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Words: Saam Das

I don't know what kind of madman/madwoman calls their new EP 'Whigfield Sextape' (presumably referencing the 90s singer) but Fight Like Apes have gone for it. Unless it's one of the most elaborate jokes I've seen in a while. But I guess it is April Fool's Day. Anyway, here's a track from said EP, the vibrant synth-sprinkled 'Crouching Bees'.

The new track is a little less in-your-face than we've seen from this Irish lot but that's not necessarily a bad thing - giving the usual array of melodies and vocal hooks more room to breathe. Having said that, another recent track 'Carousel' took its time to kick in to turbo. Which it did spectacularly. Take in 'Crouching Bees' and its video below, ahead of the EP, set for release on May 12th through Alcopop.

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