Listen: Allman Brown - Fields Of England (Feat. Sophie Jamieson)

on Saturday, June 14, 2014
Words: Saam Das

It's not quite 'Captain Planet' but 'Fields Of England' shows us what happens when two exciting emerging talents from 2014 combine. Sophie Jamieson is becoming (quite deservedly) an increasingly prominent figure in terms of music buzz, and she lends her vocals to a forthcoming EP track from folk Allman Brown.

We might be in the height of summer (my flat is almost literally a sauna right now) but there's something wonderfully autumnal about 'Fields Of England' - perhaps due to the subtle bird tweets present in the background, or the lovingly warm strings and the soaring vocals. It's a special collab. Listen to the track below, along with another from the EP, and Sophie Jamieson's recent Daughter-esque single, 'Stain'.

The 'Ancient Light' EP is out through Akira Records on Monday. Find more info at

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