Listen: The Forest & The Trees - You're In My Skin [Album Preview]

on Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Words: Saam Das

We love a bit of Scandinavian pop, although Swedish couple The Forest & The Trees are less of the typical electro-pop that has emerged from the area of late, and instead purveyors of more of a folky indie-pop sound. Although there is a cheeky bit of electronica on 'You're In My Skin', which you can hear below.

'You're In My Skin' is the opening track from the duo's new album, 'Missions' - and a rather lovely start too, with Linnea Edin's ethereal vocals making a particularly strong impression. The track takes a distinct turn in its second half, more pulsating than its earlier wistfulness. Perhaps a sign of things to come on the album.

'Missions' is out now, through Best Fit Recordings. Find more info at

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