Surfacing: HONOURS [New Band]

on Thursday, June 12, 2014
Words: Saam Das

London trio HONOURS came to our attention through our friends at Killing Moon Records, who went on to put out the band's debut single, 'August'. In May. Which is also when we set out to catch the band at The Great Escape in Brighton, where we enjoyed their melodramatic anthemic offerings. Now we've finally got round to writing a bit more about them.

Debut track 'Ready To Run' emerged toward the end of 2013 reminded us of Richard Frenneaux-led outfits Red Light Company/Anothers Blood - an extremely positive comparison for us. (Frenneaux has since gone on to work with the likes of Ella Eyre and Laura Welsh.) 'August' continued the entrancing sound, accompanied by the stripped back 'Blue Light' as its b-side. Give the tracks a bash below.

'August' is out now through Killing Moon Records. Find more info at

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