Listen: Dems - Lioness [Album Preview]

on Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Words: Saam Das

When Dems first burst onto whichever scene they initially inhabited back in 2010, it was Dan Moss' 'Lioness' that utterly captivated their early adopters. A few years on, they've swelled threefold to a trio and are finally releasing their debut album in October, which includes a reworked version of 'Lioness'.

The new version doesn't quite reach the soaring melodic and romantic heights of its predecessor - instead opting for a more beat-laden and electronic-heavy approach, albeit with a sufficient number of elements from the original to still be enjoyed. You can compare a live version of the previous version, alongside the new 'Lioness' below. Click here to listen to 'Desire', another new track from the forthcoming Dems album, 'Muscle Memory'.

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