Surfacing: PARLA [New Band]

on Thursday, September 11, 2014
Words: Saam Das // Photo: Daisy Emily Warne

The Mercury Music Prize nominations were announced yesterday, and on a slight tangent, we now present an act co-headed by Guy Sigsworth - the renowned producer, who also happened to perform on Talvin Singh's Mercury winning album, 'OK', back in the late 90s. Sigsworth has teamed up with another collaborator, Richard Walters, to create a quietly beautiful set of tracks.

Their debut track was a fragile American Music Club cover of 'I've Been A Mess', veering between the ambient and dream pop spectrum. 'Fledgling' is their latest soundtrack-esque effort, particularly enhanced by the yearning vocals of Walters and the desolate brass. Both gents may have other things going on, such as Walters' Liu Bei project, but we hope they continue down the PARLA with similar vigour in the future.

'Fledgling' appears on the new Killing Moon Records compilation, 'New Moons II'. Find more info at

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