Surfacing: Pink Feathers [New Artist]

on Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Words: Saam Das

We're familiar with Liz Anjos thanks to her vocal appearances on previous offerings from one of our favourite producers, Andre Allen Anjos aka RAC, but now she takes centre stage on another RAC production, 'Keep Pretending'. Listen to the sparkling new track below, as well some of her past efforts with her hubby.

'Keep Pretending' appears on forthcoming EP, 'Invisible Lines', and judging by fellow EP track 'Ghosts', it's likely to be chock full of bouncy synth-pop. Not that Liz isn't versatile in her musical styles, with a majestic cover of 'Under African Skies' particularly standing out - another rich collab with RAC, a combination which we hope to hear much more from in the near future.

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