Surfacing: SYLVA [New Band]

on Friday, February 13, 2015
Words: Saam Das

You may recall Sylva Faye, who we featured last year with her bewitching experimental folk offerings. (If not, you've missed out.) Either way, she's come back in a new guise, SYŁVA, with added band in tow. Listen to her new material below.

Faye stood apart from most other acts with her woodwind use, and she's continued that approach in this project - both her new tracks having a significant flute-basis. Its use is particularly effective on the downbeat yet melodic 'Tumble You', which also takes advantage of Faye's yearning vocals. There's less of a folky edge on the latest recordings but the sense of experimentalism still lives strong, as seen on the jazz-tinged 'Six'. We look forward to hearing how SYŁVA evolves next.

SYŁVA play The Water Rats in London tonight. Find more info on the band at

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