Surfacing: APOLOGIES [New Band]

on Sunday, June 14, 2015
Words: Saam Das

We wrote about Newcastle-based outfit Let's Buy Happiness a number of times over the years, including them as one of our tips for 2011 no less. Unfortunately, things didn't ever quite come together neatly for the band, and they called it a day in 2014. APOLOGIES sees two of their entourage making new music, and take in the trio's debut track below.

If you were expecting something along the lines of Let's Buy Happiness from James King and Mark Brown's new project, you'd be pretty surprised. But not necessarily in a bad way. Embracing a noisier, heavier sound, more in line with fellow member Joel Thomson's previous band Young Liar, 'Pool Party Violence' is an enrapturing instrumental odyssey.

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