Surfacing: True Adventures [New Act]

on Sunday, June 07, 2015
Words: Saam Das

Samuel Leonard Keith Leonard (no typo) is the man behind True Adventures, and his magnificent beard certainly recalls the imaginery of a true adventurer. Working with fellow Norfolk outfit Wooden Arms and Wild Beasts collaborator David Pye, True Adventures has delivered a debut single of considerable clout. Listen to the folky 'North Atlantic Ocean', and a couple of live tracks, below.

There's a melancholy running through much of Leonard's work, although wisely it is tempered with a sense of hope on 'North Atlantic Ocean'. That hopefulness comes through the warm strings of Wooden Arms rather than lyrically, where Leonard emotes in a more concerned manner - "Everyone is moving to London, what am I gonna do now?" Apparently, write a beautifully tender song about it.

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