Surfacing: The Wretched Desert [New Band]

on Wednesday, June 03, 2015
Words: Saam Das

When he's not busy drumming away for US legends Jimmy Eat World, Zach Lind is busy teaming up with his wife Holly on their musical project The Wretched Desert. Mixing electronic and psychedelic elements, with a more traditional rock attitude, listen to their newly released debut 'Street Lights' EP below.

Title track 'Street Lights' is of particular interest, its synth-led sound more in line with something out of the 'Drive' soundtrack, while companion EP tracks 'Rest In Piece' and 'Memento' are significantly more guitar-based. It's unclear when we'll be hearing more from The Wretched Desert but ideally, they'll be leaning more toward the electronic side of things in future.

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