Download: Radiohead - Spectre [Unreleased Soundtrack Theme]

on Friday, December 25, 2015
Words: Saam Das

Turns out that Radiohead were asked to write a theme tune for the latest Bond movie, 'Spectre', after all. For better or for worse, the people behind the film chose to go with Sam Smith's perhaps unfairly maligned (albeit absurdly melodramatic) 'Writing On The Wall' but now you can hear for yourself whether that was a suitable decision or not. Listen to the discarded 'Spectre' as well as Smith's official effort below.

Radiohead's theme carries some of the hallmarks of a typical Bond tune/similarities to Smith's product, particularly with its sweeping strings and melancholic piano melody. Thom Yorke's distinctive vocals however would have offered something very different. Regardless, in the words of Radiohead: "Merry Christmas. May the force be with you."

Download 'Spectre' for free via Soundcloud.

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