Year In Review: Rajan Lakhani's Top Ten Tracks Of 2015

on Tuesday, January 05, 2016
Words: Rajan Lakhani

10: Julia Holter - 'Night Song'

It was difficult to separate this from Tobias Jesso Jr’s 'Without You' for the final spot in my top 10. But I went for 'Night Song' - it’s a stunningly beautiful ballad from a brilliant album. When she sings heartbreakingly “What did I do to make you feel so bad?’, forgiveness is inevitable.

9: Tame Impala - 'Let It Happen'

'Let It Happen' was an epic return from Kevin Parker. It almost had to be given the ubiquity of his previous album, 'Lonerism'. Gone were the guitars, in its stead Tame Impala delivered its grandest statement with a sprawling disco-funk record.

8: Justin Bieber - 'Sorry'

Pop music needs characters like Justin Bieber. Love him or hate him, he creates discussion. But all of this would be meaningless if he didn’t deliver good songs. Along with 'Where Are U Now', and 'What Do You Mean', 'Sorry' is a belter of a single.

7: Chvrches - 'Afterglow'

The album closer on 'Every Open Eye', 'Afterglow' presents a different, poignant side to the band. The sole downtempo song on the album full of electro-pop bangers, the track has a cinematic, powerful quality that stops you in your tracks.

6: The Maccabees - 'Spit It Out'

'Spit It Out' sees the Maccabees embracing a more expansive style, recalling Arcade Fire. It’s a dramatic, fiery song, far removed from the band that brought us 'Toothpaste Kisses', delivering their most impactful, mature piece yet.

5: Bring Me The Horizon - 'Throne'

I first heard 'Throne' on 'Match Of The Day'’s monthly goal montage. It’s an earworm of a track, complete with a shout-along chorus that shows a band full of a confidence knowing this is their time.

4: Jess Glynne - 'Hold My Hand'

What does 'Hold My Hand’ have in common with Wham’s 'Freedom' and Roy Orbison’s 'You Got It'? Each song doesn’t have just a single melody, but numerous ones each better than the last, culminating in a brilliant chorus. It’s one of those songs that you think you’ve heard before, becoming an instant pop standard.

3: The Dreaming Spires - 'All Kinds Of People'

The Dreaming Spires were another band I was delighted to discover in 2015. 'All Kinds Of People' is a rousing song that progressively builds to an anthemic, life-affirming chorus.

2: Suede - 'Like Kids'

The second taster of forthcoming record 'Night Thoughts', 'Like Kids' is a storming return from Suede. It has all the hallmarks of their great songs - clever imagery, a catchy chorus and a classic guitar riff - and bodes well for their new album (Outsiders', the first taster is pretty ace too).

1: The Weeknd - 'Can’t Feel My Face'

I had to do a double-take when I saw The Weeknd featured on TV ad for the 'Now 92' album. But if this is The Weeknd’s leap for mainstream appeal, it’s hugely successful, recalling the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. And when it comes to music, you can’t give a bigger compliment.

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