Listen: The Range - Copper Wire [Album Review]

on Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Words: Saam Das

The Range reminds me of golf. Which then reminds me of the astute observation that the objective of golf is to play the least amount of golf possible. I don't believe that James Hinton actually has anything to do with golf, but the Domino-signed producer has knocked in an albatross (that's golf speak for a job terrifically well done) on the magical 'Copper Wire'.

Hinton's new album as The Range has just been released, and while we haven't had a chance to check it out just yet, we're hopeful that there's more tracks of the calibre of 'Copper Wire' present. Intriguingly, one of the main themes of Hinton's album is using obscure samples from YouTube videos - here recruiting Kruddy Zak and Lisa Bello to add a compelling human element to the majestic electronica of The Range.

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