Surfacing: Deerful [New Act]

on Saturday, March 26, 2016
Words: Saam Das

When Emma Winston's not busy making sound art or researching ukelele players for her PhD, she's playing synth-pop in her Deerful solo project. You may also know Winston as a member of Darren Hayman's band or Owl & Mouse or one of a number of other outfits she affiliates with, but she's stepping up things in her Deerful guise, with a new single coming out in April. Listen to 'Hush Me' (and more) below.

The delicate 'Hush Me' (and its accompanying 'Moon Maps', whose video you can view on Bandcamp) have twee stamped all over them, but it's not all of that ilk. Going back in time, there's a slightly sinister undertone to 'The Ice Fishers', while the Bond-inspired 'Three Blind Mice' goes in an altogether more ethereal direction. It's early days yet for Deerful but thus far, her works have been charmingly compelling.

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