Surfacing: DANCEHALL [New Band]

on Saturday, March 05, 2016
Words: Saam Das

DANCEHALL KO band artwork

One of my favourite bands as a young 'un was Kill Kenada, a riotous act perhaps best known for collaborating with Regina Spektor on 'Soviet Kitsch'. I used to post regularly on their forum, as did a nice chap called Craig, who would later appear in Ice, Sea, Dead, People and Spoilers. Bringing things full circle, he's now teamed up with Kill Kenada's Timothy, with David from Kill Kenada follow up The Semper Teens also in the mix. Listen to debut track 'KO' below.

'KO' shares much of the riotous feeling of Kill Kenada, with heavier-than-thou Sonic Youth-esque riffs and Timothy's distinctive vocals at the forefront. Not that it's overly abrasive - there's a tongue-in-cheek nature to proceedings too: "just sing two notes, and play three notes". And I guess that comical side is apparent from the band's name, as they certainly have nothing to do with dancehall. At this stage, anyway.

Twelve years(!) on from the first time I caught Kill Kenada, supporting an ace Norwegian band called Span (alongside Bloc Party, no less), DANCEHALL feels both nostalgic and excitingly fresh. Let's hope the trio can match the boisterousness of 'KO', going forward.

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