Surfacing: Patience [New Act]

on Monday, April 25, 2016
Words: Saam Das

The first 64 seconds or so of 'All The Rage' by The Royal We still remains one the finest intros of noughties indie, alongside the Los Campesinos! classic 'You! Me! Dancing!'. Roxanne Clifford of the former (relatively short lived) outfit would go on to find more sustained success in Veronica Falls, and is now unveiling her latest musical step. Listen to her debut single as Patience below.

Clifford's stirring vocals skip through 'The Church' in an unholy marriage to the bouncy electronic backing, but more befitting of the bittersweet lyrics. There's a bit of a tinge of the now ubiquitous 'A Real Hero' to proceedings, and it's certainly a compliment to suggest that this Patience track wouldn't feel out of place on the now iconic 'Drive' soundtrack.

'The Church'/'My Own Invention' is out in May through Night School Records.

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