Listen: Mikey Mike - 'Doin' Me' [That Canon Advert Song]

on Monday, June 19, 2017
Words: Saam Das

US artist/producer Mikey Mike has collaborated with Rihanna - co-producing on her album 'Unapologetic', which also saw producer credits for heavy hitters such as David Guetta and Stargate - as well as being signed to Universal's publishing arm for several years but has remained relatively unknown. But that's all set to change, thanks to the help of legendary producer Rick Rubin and a Megaforce (the filmmaking collective behind the likes of 'Sacrilege' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs) directed Canon advert sync.

Mikey Mike's lyrical call-to-arms on 'Doin' Me' is immediately infectious - playful to an extent, also reflected by the twinkling piano sprinkled across the track, boisterous otherwise. The "Cos I won't waste another day / Living someone else's way / I wanna be happy / I wanna be free / Fuck what they say / I'm doin' me" chorus recalls LUH's powerful 'Lament' (and by proxy its predecessor 'Kerou's Lament') with its rebellious content.

Rubin's influence on 'Doin' Me' feels pleasingly minimal, allowing the track to breathe while empowering Mikey Mike's words - in a not too dissimilar sense to his backing of Jim Cornette-led professional wrestling organisation, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, back in the early nineties. And much like Rubin, we're backing 'Doin' Me'.

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