Listen: Wy - You + I [New Single]

on Tuesday, September 05, 2017
Words: Saam Das

Back in the seventies, Malmo FF were the dominant force of Swedish football, and were only denied European Cup victory in 1979 by Brian Clough's all-conquering Nottingham Forest. Now (for the purposes of this narrative, at least) it's upto Swedish duo Wy to make Malmo great again. They're on a decent path as new single 'You + I' demonstrates.

A self-proclaimed ode to shyness and perhaps something even deeper, 'You + I' captures the safety net feeling of being in a loving relationship against the difficulty of feeling comfortable with others/outsiders. Think of it as the melodramatic pop counterpart to Alessia Cara's R&B tale of introversion, 'Here', which clocked in at #17 on my tracks of 2015.

The track is one of a couple of lovesongs to feature on Wy's upcoming official debut album, 'Okay', due out on October 20th. Pretty safe bet that it'll be better than just "okay".

'You + I' is out now on Hybris. Find more info at

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