Listen: Sarah Close - You Say [New Single]

on Thursday, July 19, 2018
Words: Saam Das

Stumbling upon Sarah Close's new track 'You Say' on YouTube makes some sense - after all, she is one of the new breed of potential British stars who started their musical adventures via the very same medium, alongside the likes of Dodie and Maisie Peters. Close's organic rise led to a record deal with Parlophone and while that deal didn't work out, she's absolutely back on track with this excellent new song.

'You Say' has a bounding energy, delivered with aplomb by the urgency in Close's vocals and lyrics, as well as PC Music man easyFun's hyperactive production. The producer also co-wrote the track (credited under his human name Finn Keane) alongside Jerker Olov Hansson, who was one of the unbelievably talented people behind Charli XCX smash 'Boys'. If this is the sound of liberation then it's a most welcome sound.

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