Surfacing: Spielbergs [New Band]

on Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Words: Saam Das

The current musical scene of Norway is arguably more widely characterised by the Scandi-pop of the likes of BBC Sound Of 2018 winner Sigrid than it is of the indie-rock tinge of Spielbergs but that hasn't stopped the trio from forging an impressive early path in their native region. Good songs are good songs after all. Now they're looking to breakout further afield.

Each of Spielbergs' members had already established themselves in other outfits before they came together in their new form - OG fans of this website may know of the excellent Team Me, which briefly housed Spielbergs' drummer Christian Løvhaug, for example. Indeed, the Team Me connection goes further still, with another member of that band (Marius Drogsås) involved in the recording of their debut EP, alongside The Wombats' Tord Øverland Knudsen.

The 'Distant Star' EP is a diverse affair, with the scrappy sounds and yelping vocals of 'Daisy! It's The New Me' having something of an early Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! vibe contrasting the relative softness of EP closer 'Setting Sun'. It is perhaps the energetic, anthemic Malcolm Middleton-aping 'We Are All Going To Die' however that is the greatest highlight although much like the film director's work which inspired the band's name, it's hard to pick a favourite. ('Jurassic Park' maybe.)

Find more info at Facebook. Purchase the 'Distant Star' EP on Bandcamp.

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