Review: Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 - 'The Last Of The Starks'

on Tuesday, May 07, 2019
Words: Diana Von R

'The Last Of The Starks' is the most “typical” 'Game Of Thrones' episode we’ve seen this season, with a mixture of scheming, bedding and deaths - I loved it! The first three episodes were very enjoyable but they were rather atypical in that each one had a very different theme so it pooled viewer’s emotions in different baskets. Here’s our bitesize *SPOILER-FILLED* recap on the fourth episode of Season Eight, following last week's 'The Long Night'.


The story is moving forward after the Battle against the dead, and starts off with a slow pan up Jorah Mormont’s cold dead body, with Daenarys mourning beside him. I didn’t feel overly emotional for Jorah - so from a colder viewpoint, what it symbolised (especially after watching the episode a second time) was Daenarys’ support network crumbling around her. By the end of 'The Last Of The Starks', she has only one dragon left and one of her closest companions, Missandei, was executed. This is likely to have a knock on effect on Grey Worm, who was in love with Missandei - will it make him weaker or stronger? I guess we’ll find out.

Daenarys’ support is now more or less down to Tyrion, who still seems to be siding with her, albeit questioning in his mind whether Jon Snow would be a better fit. Jon still loves Daenarys but he is pulling away, because he was brought up in Winterfell and therefore not quite used to sleeping with an aunt.

Everyone is expecting Dany to become like her father, the Mad King. The fans have been turning on Dany since 'Winterfell', the Season Eight opener, with her “cold” entrance to Winterfell. I am expecting another twist, where we will see Dany sacrifice herself to help defeat Cersei. She doesn’t seem to have much to live for in Westeros - perhaps she would be better off going back to Mereen. She had believed all along that the throne is rightfully hers, but will soon realise that the throne actually belongs to Jon, he will be better supported by the Lords and Ladies of Westeros and will be able to bring peace to Westeros.

Lord Of Storms End

Lord Gendry Baratheon of Storm End, the lawful son of Robert Baratheon, because that is what Daenarys has proclaimed him to be. Does that not make him entitled to the throne?

Once he was made a Lord, he went to find Arya and proposed to her, only to be turned down. “I’m not a lady...that’s not me” - she initially said that to Ed Stark when she was a child, and again to Gendry now she’s a woman. She still has people on her list, and she can’t move on with her life before she ticks everyone off.

Brienne & Jamie

After some ugly goading from Tyrion (I love him, but it did seem to flashback to 7 seasons ago when Tyrion was just rude for no reason other than because he can) - Jamie and Brienne finally get together in the bedroom.

“I’ve never slept with a knight before.”

Brienne seems to bring out the best in Jamie - if you think back to the way they fought together, having each others back, it all makes sense. She made him fight for his honour, and taught him how to be more knightly and keep his oaths...

However, as soon as Jamie heard Cersei was in trouble, he reverts to his former self. The pull of Cersei is strong and Brienne wasn’t able to keep him there. What Jamie plans to do when he reaches Kings Landing is still uncertain, but it hardly seems like he’ll have a warm welcome.

Cersei’s Baby

Cersei is keeping Euron on side by sleeping with him, and convincing him that the baby in her belly is hers. Tyrion, however, mentioned her pregnancy during the parlay - if Euron was listening and/or thinking, he’d realise the baby isn’t his, as Tyrion wouldn’t have known about the baby yet.


Firstly, how does Jon say goodbye to Ghost without a proper goodbye? How? Did a part of him die when he was resurrected? Or did the CGI just cost too much? Jon Snow really is a product of Eddard Stark. He may not be his biological father, but he was the father that brought him up.

This is quite frustrating to see, eight seasons in, when all of the other main characters in the 'Game Of Thrones' seem so much smarter than him. We all mourned for Ed when he died - he died for honour, and doing the right thing. But Jon should have learned from his experiences, and if he can’t, he should listen to someone smarter - like Sansa.


I found his scene to be really confusing and didn’t add much to the storyline. I don’t particularly care if he’ll be Lord of Highgarden. He doesn’t think Cersei will win, he’s only something because of the Lannister brothers so why is he threatening them now? The most likely scenario is the Lannister brothers would find someone to kill Bronn. Anyway, as I said - confusing and waste of time.

That Starbucks Cup

Yes, they left a Starbucks cup in front of Daenarys during the feast scene. I didn’t actually notice it when I watched it, but it seems that it’s what a lot of people want to talk about.

Episode 5 ('Hardhome') Predictions

  • We will see the coup, and the characters will support Jon as rightful king of the seven kingdoms. Dany will execute Varys by fire. Tinfoil hat theory - she will bring a stoney dragon to life at Dragon Stone.
  • Cersei will laugh at everyone’s misfortune. Euron will betray her.
  • Jamie will try to kill Cersei as he realises he cannot be a good person while she’s alive.
  • Or maybe it’s Arya wearing Jamie’s face as a mask...

Read more of our 'Game Of Thrones' recaps here. Diana works as a freelance photographer and lives in North London with her 2 children and husband. Find more info at

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