Surfacing: Bristol's Terrifyingly Named Scalping Are Terrifyingly Good [New Band]

on Thursday, May 02, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Scalping is a word with mostly negative connotations - from the brutal scalp-removal of enemy combatants to the re-selling of tickets to make a considerable profit - perhaps Bristol's Scalping are trying to do their bit to move the word in a more positive direction. Their techno punk debut 'Chamber' EP, out on Council Records, is evidence that they're on the path to success.

The relentlessly brilliant EP title track 'Chamber' is like an interdimensional, industrial version of Kraftwerk. 'Satan II' is more sprawling, somewhat akin to contemporaries Snapped Ankles, who they recently supported in Bristol. Rounded out by a couple of twisted remixes, the exclusively instrumental nature of the 'Chamber' EP lends the sense that Scalping are both fearless and fearsome in equal measure.

Scalping are playing several festivals this summer, including this weekend's Liverpool Sound City. Find more info and purchase the 'Chamber' EP release at Bandcamp.

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