Listen: Bat For Lashes Floats Back Onto Shore With The Dreamy 'Kids In The Dark'

on Monday, June 10, 2019
Words: Saam Das

The thought of Natasha Khan's return took us on a brief nostalgia trip to 2007, when we featured her then-burgeoning Bat For Lashes outlet back on one of our early podcasts. (Yeah, in 2007, before podcasts were cool.) We're pleased to report that returning number 'Kids In The Dark' shares much of the same kind of ambience that first attracted us to Bat For Lashes way back when, with a bit of a synthy twist.

'Kids In The Dark' is the first taste of Khan's upcoming new album, 'Lost Girls' - her fifth studio record, which follows Ivor Novello award-winning work on 2018 BBC TV show 'Requiem' with composer Dominik Scherrer. The mix of soothing vocals and dreamy synth sounds on 'Kids In The Dark' is evocative of Morgan Kibby's White Sea project, and yet still remains recognisably and quintessentially Bat For Lashes.

'Lost Girls' is due out on September 6th. Find more info at

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