Listen: Biffy Clyro Make 'Tiny Changes' On Cover Of Frightened Rabbit Classic 'The Modern Leper'

on Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Words: Saam Das

The K├╝bler-Ross model posits five stages of grief, namely denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Biffy Clyro appear to have bundled all of these stages into one song, covering Frightened Rabbit's 'The Modern Leper' for a new covers album organised by the remaining band members, following the devastating loss of frontman Scott Hutchison in May 2018.

The outpouring of sadness in the wake of Hutchison's death has been striking - not just from fans of Frightened Rabbit across the world, but from a wide range of musical peers ranging from The National to Frank Turner, who has covered 'The Modern Leper' many times, but none as powerfully as his performance at the Camden Roundhouse in the direct aftermath of the announcement of Hutchison's passing.

Frank Turner - 'The Modern Leper' (Live At The Roundhouse, May 2018)

Tiny Changes, a charity set up by fellow Frightened Rabbit member and sibling, Grant Hutchison extends the dearly departed musician's legacy into supporting mental health. An album of the same name will be arriving in July, a celebration of the band's fantastic 2008 album, 'The Midnight Organ Fight', with covers from the likes of Julien Baker, Daughter, and past collaborators Manchester Orchestra.

Biffy Clyro and Julien Baker's respective covers of 'The Midnight Organ Fight' opener 'The Modern Leper' came from different worlds, but both wisely carry a similarly emotive heart that made the original track so brilliant. In amongst the tenderness, Biffy Clyro add an intensity that particularly lends a sense of catharsis to their cover, largely through the time-honoured tradition of singing along till you can't sing anymore.

Biffy Clyro - 'The Modern Leper'

Julien Baker - 'The Modern Leper'

Scott Hutchison - 'The Modern Leper' (Live At End Of The Road Festival, 2013)

Find more info from the Frightened Rabbit Twitter and pre-order 'Tiny Changes'.

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